7 Impressive Pieces at Art Basel 2019 that are not a Banana.

Theresita Fernandez, who currently has a full retrospective at PAMM, continues to impress with her works in materials like charcoal and metals.

Kehinde Wiley, famed painter for Barrack Obama’s presidential portrait, continues to impress with his contemporary takes on Renaissance paintings.

Damien Hirst’s interest in the body and its systemic parts is on full display in this sculpture.

Alfredo Jaar’s photographs often depict socio-political issues and war. In this photograph the blurred figure is turned away and backlit as part of a light box.

The Campana Brothers are 2 Brazilian artists (Fernando and Humberto), who began their work creating furniture from scrap material. Today they have been exhibited in the MET and various galleries around the world, including here at DesignMiami.

Studio Swine created this installation commissioned as part of Instagram’s @design page. The exhibit is carbon neutral, planting trees to offset the carbon emissions of travel.

“Order of Importance” by Leandro Erlich first debuted as a model at Art Basel 2018, and commissioned by the City of Miami Beach to make it life sized.

Tanin Villas is a series of New Construction townhomes in central Miami. Check out the full website or join our mailing list / schedule a showing below:


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