How to build for Hurricane readiness.

New Construction standards are changing the way we build homes. Here are some of the things we did at Tanin Villas with our latest townhomes.

1|  Lift the slab 1′-2′ off the ground. Using a stem wall and fill, we lifted the ground slab 1′-1″ off of the ground. This helps us to keep any flooding from getting into the building, ruining drywall and electrical systems.

2|  Use roof tie-downs to prevent uplift during major wind events. The tie-downs are embedded in the tie beam going around the top of the building.

3|  Buck the openings to prep for window and door installation. This allows for a stronger connection when the windows and doors are installed so they cannot be ripped out of the opening.

4|  Purchase impact windows and doors to prevent flying debris from damaging glass. Ensure all windows and doors have adequate latches that would prevent accidental opening.

5|  Trench electrical connection to meter box in order to prevent disconnection during a storm event. Hanging wires are easily compromised.

6|  Keep horizontal elements thin, with openings in order to prevent wind updraft.

Yard under construction

7|  Plant trees that have deep root systems, such as live oaks. This would prevent future issues when trees mature.


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